Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tandem Learning and Resilience Alliance Launch The Change Game

March 16. 2011 - West Chester, PA, - Tandem Learning, Inc. and Resilience Alliance have announced the official launch of The Change Game, an avatar based serious game that will help increase a player’s agility in a changing environment by strengthening their personal resilience. According to Dr. Linda Hoopes, CEO of Resilience Alliance and author of Managing Change with Personal Resilience, there are seven characteristics of personal resilience that help people use their energy more effectively to get through times of change. Most people have strengths in a couple of those resilience characteristics but find others more difficult to apply. By strengthening the full set of “change muscles”, we become more agile and adaptable when change hits. The Change Game offers a fun and engaging way of helping individuals assess their own abilities to adapt to change and identify ways to strengthen their resilience across the seven facets of resilience.

The game includes a self assessment, a personal development journal, two rounds of game play to teach and then assess the subject matter, and a printable job aid as a take away. It was developed to be SCORM compliant. Companies in the pharmaceutical and automotive industries have already invested in the game with additional discussion taking place with a wide variety of other organizations.

“There are few, if any, organizations today that aren’t experiencing some sort of change. We recognized a real need for an effective training tool to help companies successfully get through these times,” said Jedd Gold, President of Tandem Learning.

“Tandem Learning has done a great job of taking the principles in my book and integrating them into an effective and compelling training game,” said Dr. Linda Hoopes.

Tandem Learning brings expertise in experiential learning design, game design, and technology to organizations looking to improve employee performance. Our solutions provide learners authentic practice, engaging storylines, and competitive and collaborative opportunities to create compelling experiences that have a direct impact on performance improvement. To learn more about Tandem Learning, visit

Resilience Alliance helps organizations, teams, and individuals thrive in turbulence. We offer engaging, research-based tools and training materials. Our delivery model is flexible—we train and license internal and external practitioners, and we also deliver assessment, training, and consulting services directly to clients. Our materials are easy to use and are designed to integrate with a broad range of frameworks and methodologies. Come visit us at


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